Reliability Excellence

Designer: LCE Marketing

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) offers Reliability Excellence® consulting, services and education, helping clients achieve significant benefits: greater capacity, lower operational costs, reduced capital investment, extended asset life cycle, improved safety and enhanced regulatory compliance. The website offers over a thousand pages of content and resources, including a treasure-trove of information regarding Reliability Excellence (Rx).

The Challenge

LCE needed a tool, based on their Rx Model, that users could use to explore the various elements of Rx. They chose to use a microsite to accomplish this goal. The microsite incorporates every Rx resource available on the website — literally hundreds of resources. These resources are updated constantly, as LCE refines their methods and information using feedback from their consulting efforts.

The challenge was to build a tool that LCE could use to manage and update its content without having to manage duplicate content on two sites. LCE wanted to be able to add or update once, and publish on both sites.


metatation had already built the existing website, which contained all of the Rx content, so it made sense to leverage this for the new microsite. We added a separate tagging system to the website for adding Rx element tags. Then we built-out the microsite on the same server and gave it access to the content. Now LCE manages the content of the microsite simply by tagging content on their existing website.