Lazar Shopping

Design: metatation

Lazar Shopping is the online entity of Elysa Lazar and Lazar Media Group, Inc.(LMG). Elysa Lazar began publishing The S&B Report in 1986 to inform bargain hunters of unadvertised designer sales in New York City, the first of its kind and the industry's best-known and longest-running information sources.


Compiling the details of the endless number of NYC Designer Sample Sales is tedious work. And when you have to provide both comprehensive information listings, and tables of the same upcoming listings by week and category, you have a never-ending data entry job.


By building a custom data entry manager for Elysa, we consolidated the task of keeping her site up-to-date. With a single entry screen, she can enter all of the details that feed her many pages of sales-by-date and sale-by-category. She also has an automated email tool to send her signature sales alerts for just released, and short-term NYC sample sales.

The result is a lively site with the most comprehensive and up-to-date set of NYC Sample Sale information on the web, used by one of the largest set of exclusive clientele on the web.