SC Forensic Psychiatry

Design: metatation

Dr. Mulbry currently maintains his private practice in Charleston, SC. He also provides Inpatient Attending Coverage at Roper-St. Francis Hospital, psychiatric care for patients in the South Carolina Department of Corrections, and evaluates patients for the Charleston County Probate Court.


Dr. Mulby needed a website that provide information and awareness of the practice of Forensic Psychiatry, without soliciting business. The site is targeted at seekers of forensic psychiatry information, and people needing to research Dr. Mulby.


metatation suggested a bare-bones website with a handful of articles written by Dr. Mulby, and including a glossary of forensic psychiatry terms. Selecting a monochrome look, the site was designed to be minimal and attractive.

The result is a clean look framing a generous amount of information.