Web Development Approach & Process

Our first web server went live in 1994, and since then we've helped many businesses with their website development. We're comfortable introducing you to the web development process and are happy to answer any questions.

Our parent company, Computer Consultants Group, Inc., has been helping businesses with their technology since 1995. Clients benefit from our combined expertise in marrying existing information to a dynamic web presence. We can help you integrate your in-house information systems into your website design.

We are client advocates and our role is determined by what’s best for the website design project. Our core business is building turnkey websites, but we also serve as project managers and technical liaisons. Entering the online world can be daunting. If you have questions about your website, we're here to help.

Your website will not be limited by our internal resources. Unlike many development companies, we are willing to work with other web designers, hosting companies and technical entities. Our experience in the computer consulting business has taught us that the best solution often is a mix of individuals from different companies. If we do not have all of the resources necessary to complete your site, we will find and recommend the appropriate people.

Strategic Website Planning

We design far more than visual appeal into our websites. We adhere to the principles of website design as recommended by The Web Standards Project, and Google. These principles directly impact the effectiveness of your site in the major search engines.

Search engine results (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO) are an important consideration when it comes to creating your site. Those results should bring to your site an appropriate audience. We focus on what will bring the right people to your site, not what will bring just anyone.

Written content is the single most important part of your website project. It is what the search engines use to determine how to rank your site. The structure in which your content is presented serves to help search engines rank your content for relevance (position). The coding and presentation techniques we use optimize your content to give your site the best possible ranking in the search engines, according to Google.com recommendations. The best looking site in the world is worthless if the right people don't see it. We work to ensure that the right people see your site.

Our short list of considerations for your site includes well written content, well organized navigation, appropriate use of graphics, and web standards compliant coding. The effectiveness of your site depends on its success in the search engines. The quality and accessibility of your content directly impacts this success. We work to ensure the success of your site.

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