Carolina Lanterns

Design: Studio 7 Designworks

Carolina Lanterns specializes in custom-made copper and brass lanterns and lamps that use propane, natural gas, or electricity and evoke the elegance of historic Charleston in any home around the world.


Lanterns are complicated purchases. You have to know about fuel types vs. electrical, mount types, flame shapes, glass types, decorative accessories, and finish options. In the sales inventory world, this is known as explosions. Oh, and did we mention different sizes of each lantern?

Carolina Lanterns needed a site that would present their lanterns beautifully while making accessible all of the relevant information. With lead generation a top priority, the site needed to give the user reasons to sign-up for downloadable resources.


Product complications are in our wheelhouse. The metatation cms is custom built to be custom built. We created product data-entry screens that made it easy to enter custom lantern data. We automated the addition of redundant information across similar lanterns types, and added the ability to mass-add images and product specs, assigning them to their various lanterns while using a single page. We created registration pages for their lantern catalog and spec sheets using a register-once, access-all process, giving the user the best possible experience.

The result is an attractive site full of comprehensive product information that acts as a solid lead generator for Carolina Lanterns sales staff.